Data Centric Processing Software Practices for the SKA and Beyond

The SKA is pushing the boundaries of data management and processing, not just in sheer volume or FLOPs required, but even more so in terms of affordability. The challenge is to squeeze as much science out of the data as possible, given the limited capital and operational budget. Essentially the science capabilities of the SKA will be compute budget bound. Given this constraint we are employing the latest technologies and research into the SKA prototyping efforts and this can benefit both the SKA, but also any other domain dealing with large volume complex processing workloads, be that scientific or commercial.

During this event we want to share some of our experience, and that of our partners’, with existing, new and emerging technologies in the space of ‘Big Data’, in plain software engineering and in citizen science and usage of cloud computing. The event will be organised in an agile way, where people can ‘vote’ for proposed presentations or demonstrations.

When: Friday 6th May, 09:00 – 12:00

Where: The Ken and Julie Michael Building, 7 Fairway, Crawley. Several locations within the building, to be confirmed.

Who is this event for: The target audience are professionals in software engineering, scientific and commercial data analysis, as well as anybody with a solid background in those areas.

RSVP: Details to follow soon.