Visualisation of Big Imaging Data: Radio Astronomy Case

SKA will produce multidimensional images of Universe of unprecedented detail and sizes. This presents a new challenge for extracting the knowledge from the data, as well as ensuring the quality of data. Remote visualisation with adaptive fidelity could aid the data exploration and quality control. We will briefly review the current state of visualisation in astronomy, and then present SkuareView remove visualisation software developed at ICRAR, and deployed on AWS and Pawsey compute clouds as part of Astronomy Data Services project to visualise 50-500GB spectral-imaging data cubes. The software has been build around JPEG2000 and JPIP technologies. The live demonstration and discussion will conclude the presentation.

When: Thursday 5th May, 14:00 – 15:30

Where: Pawsey Exhibition Space, The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

Target audience: geoscience, geology, land surveying, remote sensing, medical imaging

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