23 Things Fling – A 23 Research Data Things Community Catch-up

Research data holds the key to many critical questions we face today. During 2016 the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) is facilitating the 23 Research Data Things self-directed learning program for anyone with an interest in research data management. Participants learn what research data is; Why it is such a global hot topic; How to find and re-use it, manage it, describe it, how to make it open to the world, and much more. 

Welcome to the Perth 23 Things Fling…

This gathering is an opportunity for all Perth participants and community discussion groups to get-together to share their learning in a convivial atmosphere, rich in people keen to manage, promote, use, share and discover the wealth of research data. All welcome – register today as venue capacity is limited..

Want to join the ANDS 23 Research Data Things?

It’s never too late to start 23 Research Data Things! You can join in at any point and don’t need to go back and complete previously released Things (unless you want to), and you can just do those Things that are of interest to you. Each Thing presents 3 levels of challenge and is released weekly in advance (see the poster).

There are many ways in which you can engage with others across Australia and beyond through webinar catch ups, online discussions on Meetup and local community groups near you, as well as this Perth-wide 23 Things Fling.


When: Tuesday 3rd May 20-16, 16:00 – 18:00

Where: Reid Conference room (Level 2), Reid Library, UWA (Visitor parking in Car Park 3).

Target Audience: People interested in research data management e.g. librarians, data managers, researchers, students or others undertaking the ANDS 23 Research Data Things course of self-directed learning

Host: Dr Agi Gedeon, Australian National Data Service

RSVP details: Register on Eventbrite or contact agi.gedeon@ands.org.au for more information